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Founded in 1999, Jackpot Digital Inc. (formerly Las Vegas From Entertainment Inc.) is a Canadian publicly listed company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX.V: JP) and the US OTCQB (JPOTF). Jackpot Digital is a leading electronic table game manufacturer and mobile gaming provider for the cruise ship industry and regulated casino industry. Jackpot Digital specializes in multiplayer gaming products, including poker and casino games, which are complimented by a robust suite of backend tools for operators to efficiently control and optimize their gaming business.


Bedo H. Kalpakian
Chairman & CFO

Jacob H. Kalpakian
President & CEO

Adam Fritz


Bedo H. Kalpakian

Jacob H. Kalpakian

Gregory T. McFarlane

Neil Spellman

Alan Artunian

PokerPro & ProCore Electronic Tables

PokerPro & ProCore Electronic Tables

In August 2015 Jackpot Digital purchased the electronic table business unit from Multimedia Games which consists of industry leading electronic poker tables under the PokerPro® brand name and a diverse multi-games table called ProCore™. These tables can be found aboard prominent cruise ships and land based casinos and gaming establishments.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines

Since November 2014, Carnival Cruise Lines has been generating revenue with Jackpot Digital software. Customers can use their mobile device from anywhere on the cruise ship to play real money poker and casino games.

Real Vegas Casino

Real Vegas Casino

Jackpot Digital entered the social gaming market in March 2012 with the launch of Real Vegas Casino, a full-featured social casino on Facebook.

Tiger Gaming

Tiger Gaming

Prior to 2006, Jackpot Digital successfully developed and operated the Action Poker Network (Tiger Gaming), which at the time was home to more than 500,000 players with 10,000 concurrent players.

Jackpot Digital is committed to dealing excitement to players and delivering results to operators.

Our Business Focus

Electronic Table Games

The electronic table games (ETGs) business is currently poised for tremendous growth in both the cruise ship and regulated casino industries. Players flock to electronic table games for the increased speed of play, the accuracy of the gameplay, and to participate in the excitement of an unparalleled digital experience. Operators recognize the benefits of decreased overhead costs, improved player satisfaction and increased revenue immediately.

Jackpot Digital's Electronic Table Business

Life Poker Championship, Mexico City

Why offer Electronic Table Games?

  • ETGs are a cost-effective way to target new and lower-limit players to a gaming table. Millennials – the generation that grew up on playing video games – are far more accepting of playing on electronic table games as opposed to earlier generations. Jackpot Digital’s PokerPro and ProCore are designed to duplicate the experience of a live casino table game without the distractions or intimidation factor.
  • ETGs will fill a niche in casinos where live table gaming is prohibited or when there is a limit to the number of live table games allowed.
  • ETGs have risen in popularity over the last five years and have become more mainstream. Today, many casinos are installing ETGs on their gaming floor and making it prominently visible to the public.
Jackpot Digital on Carnival Cruise Lines

Mobile Gaming on Cruise Ships

Jackpot Digital provided its premier HTML5 mobile gaming software to Carnival Cruise Lines in November 2014. Passengers onboard the cruise ships can play real money poker and casino games on their mobile phones and tablets. There are over 30 casino games available in the Carnival app and Jackpot Digital games are tremendously popular. The mobile casino games have been steadily generating revenue each month for six Carnival cruise ships. The future looks very promising as Carnival Corporation aims to scale to over 100 ships from their nine individual cruise line brands with a full marketing campaign.

Why offer Mobile Gaming?

  • The total sum wagered on mobile poker and casino games are expected to reach $62 billion globally by 2018 (Source: Juniper Research).
  • Mobile gambling is expected to represent 40~45% of online gambling revenues by 2018 (Source: Edison).
  • The use of smartphones will skyrocket from 2.6 billion users to 6.1 billion users in 2020 (Source: Ericsson).

Mobile Gaming for the Hotel Industry

Due to the recent success with Carnival Cruise Lines, Jackpot Digital plans on bringing its HTML5 mobile gaming technology from the Cruise Lines industry to the Hotel Industry. By using the same proven business model and popular gaming content, guests at hotels will now have the freedom to access a suite of casino games at their fingertips. Jackpot Digital intends to partner with hotel resorts in Mexico first and to eventually expand across Latin America soon after.

Mobile Gaming for the Hotel Industry

Our Business Model

We provide our iGaming products and services to both the business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) market.

Jackpot Digital B2C and B2B model

In our B2C model, our revenue is generated from wagering activities by players. We fund some of the marketing but also work with affiliates with whom we share the cost of customer acquisition and a small percentage of net revenue.

In our B2B model, our platform partners own the brand and fund the marketing. Typically we share the revenue generated from our games, as well as charge our platform partners for value added services such as software customization.

We also support a B2B "social gaming" model. This is a play money model where our software is integrated in Facebook and on mobile apps. Revenue is predominantly earned through the purchase of chips, and the player is not allowed to withdraw any winnings.

Utilizing our best-in-class HTML5 mobile iGaming content, we are positioned to create multiple revenue streams with this highly scalable business model.

Industry Trends

Global Electronic Table Game Market


  • Global ETG market accounts for 1% of total positions
  • ETG’s projected ceiling calculated at 2% of total positions
  • Installations growing at 6.9% CAGR
  • ETG GGR expected to grow from $4.9b USD in 2014 to $7.0b USD in 2018
  • Net revenue is around 7.8% of GGR
  • Source:

Global Electronic Table Count


  • Europe has saturated market with 65% of global ETG’s accounting for 5% of Europe’s total positions
  • Asia has 20% of positions: 50% of them in Australia and 25% in Macau
  • 8-year table cap in Macau presents a near-term growth opportunity as ETG’s effectively sidestep current legislation
  • Source:

North American Electronic Table Game Market


  • Under-developed ETG market accounts for 1% of slot positions and 6% of table positions
  • Expected to grow to 2% of slot positions by 2020
  • Shifting consumer preferences as Millennials enter the gaming market
  • Regulatory and tax strategy expected to contribute to growth
  • Source:

North American Electronic Table Count


  • Nevada operators look to use ETG’s to attract new table game players
  • New York currently allows no live table gaming, has robust ETG presence
  • Pennsylvania and other states installing stadium-style ETG’s
  • Canada ETG’s represent only 1% of slot positions, leaving room for considerable growth
  • Source:

Growing Online Gaming Market

According to H2 Gambling Capital, a leading data and market intelligence firm, the global online gaming market is projected to rise from a total of $31.85 billion in 2013 to $51.3 billion by 2018. There is potential upside when individual states in the USA begin regulating their respective jurisdictions.

Having the right technology is crucial to operating in newly regulated markets, as the iGaming platform must be tailored to conform to specific requirements. For over 15 years, Jackpot Digital has met strict protocols from a range of third party auditors in system security, high availability and scalability.

*Based on Exchange Rate of €1 EUR = $1.19288 USD

Global iGaming Gross Win

Growing Online Gaming Market
iGaming turnover will skyrocket to $100 billion worldwide by 2017

Increase in Mobile Usage

Research conducted by Morgan Stanley shows that mobile users will outnumber desktop users in 2015. As more people around the world acquire smartphones and tablets, and become comfortable with the technology, the demand for mobile gaming will increase. It is expected that mobile iGaming turnover will skyrocket to $100 billion worldwide by 2017.

With this in mind, Jackpot Digital is using the newest mobile technologies to deliver an engaging entertainment experience for all users.