Jackpot Blitz™

The Ultimate Electronic Table Game Platform

Jackpot Blitz™ is a state-of-the-art electronic table game (ETG) system that offers an exceptional player experience and unrivalled operator efficiency, flexibility, and profitability. Jackpot Blitz™ will upgrade your table game operations and maximize your profits. Most importantly, your players will enjoy a social gaming experience on the most technologically advanced ETG on the market.

Jackpot Blitz™

Player Benefits

Faster gameplay and more hands per hour

Excitement and authenticity of a live action table game

Intuitive and fun to play

Superior graphics and animations in 4K resolution

Gesture controlled gameplay

Playable minigames between hands

Operator Benefits

Ultimate flexibility with poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette playable on a single Jackpot Blitz™

Reduce operating costs with no dealer

Modern and stylish design to attract millennials

Easy table, tournament, and customer management with Jackpot's mobile back-end software

Guaranteed accuracy for accounting, reporting, player tracking, and analytics

Automated player kiosk to handle all deposits, payouts, and registration

Jackpot Blitz™ Features

  • 84" 4K touchscreen with over 100 sensitive touchpoints
  • Poker (Texas Hold'Em, Omaha, and video poker), blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other casino games
  • Modular game software allows two separate games to be played simultaneously
  • Playable minigames between hands in community or tournament gameplay
  • Fully-automated table with 10 player seats
  • Industry leading 50 poker hands per hour
  • Real time financial, gameplay, and analytics reporting
  • Mobile table management through Jackpot's mobile backend software
  • Automated payment kiosk to handle all player transactions
Jackpot Blitz Features

Table Specifications

Space required for one table with chairs is 95 square feet (11 ft x 8.63 ft).
Power and data (CAT5 or better) are needed at each table location.

Jackpot Blitz Table Specifications


  • Length: 89in / 2.26m
  • Width: 57in / 1.45m
  • Height: 30.5in / 0.77m
  • Weight: 600lbs / 272kg (estimate)

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